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Albums, Acrylics, Blocks, Canvas and Frames

Albums - Photographic Print Range

The photographic print range takes the finest lustre photographic prints into mounted albums. There are three main products which prove to be the most flexible and give a luxurious touch.

Most of the packages include one of the following albums, but are available seperately if required.

Queensbury Album

The best of the best, these albums are provided with absolute pleasure. A notch above the rest, these albums are imported from New Zealand and hand made to the highest quality available. Covers are available in everything from bookcloth to leather, but all with true class.



Desire Album

A perfectly formed soft leather album with a half page clear insert for your favourite photograph, this is the perfect choice for a modern album that will take full 12x8 prints in both portrait and landscape layout (or multiple framed images on one page). 



Contemporary Photographic Album

This stylish modern album comes in a soft ivory or black leather. Available in a trendy portrait format (a bit like a book really) as well as landscape, it holds some really sizeable prints - up to 12x8" (or alternatively A5 or A3 size), and has a host of mounts available to hold multiple or alternative size prints as well.

Also available with full or semi photoplate on the front, or an acrylic front to give a storybook feel.



Storybook Albums - Contemporary Layout

Stunning 'crossover' storybook - the pages are made from fine cotton paper. Not the rigid glossy card seen elsewhere, this is a truly quality product for those with the best taste! Incredibly flexible, storybook albums allow image printing right across the double spread and to the edge of the page. 12x12", parent albums are also available. Available in a range of colours.



Essence Storybook



A good quality leather storybook in a landscape format 14"x12" , with hardback parent copies also available. Stunning album with a thicker and larger page, it is great value with a very upmarket and contemporary feel. Available in a range of colours. 


Storybook albums - Parent Albums
Brilliant fun and great for parents, bridesmaids etc.


Incredibly glitzy, these acrylic blocks are a showstopper and will be the centrepiece of any room. Flame edged for the smoothest finish possible, these 25mm blocks make your image look 3-dimensional. These of course are the highest quality available - beware of imitations with regular sawn cut 10mm sheet acrylic. Smaller blocks available in 20mm to suit your budget. If you want the best, you've just seen it.

Acrylic Photographic Block     Acrylic Photographic Block 




Frames are available in a number of styles and in three price categories:

'Contemporary and Stylish'   from £55

'Classic and Decadent'   from £70

'Signature frames' by Tony Kluge   from £150


'Shabby Chic'  - Classic and Decadent

Nielsen solid wood frame with shabby chic finish
3.5cm wide x 2.2cm thick
A more subtle version of the 'French' frame below, you could have a
number of these frames in one room without it being too overpowering.
Great for darker coloured walls.



'French' - Classic and Decadent

Nielsen frame with lowered interior and exterior bevel
6.5cm wide, 2.2cm thick, cream colour frame with fleck and sanded edge
Wider than average frames, this is great for a focal point print in your living space.


'Bronzed' - Classic and Decadent

A deep, brushed bronzed frame with subtle bronze guilt edges.
Suitable for pictures with more impact and for those wanting to stand out.
2.2" wide, 3.5" thick

'Cushion' - Contemporary and Stylish

With a convex curve to the facing surface and a cross-brushed silver effect,
this solid wood frame gives a simple modern addition to your prints.
3.5cm wide, 1.3cm thick.

'Shadow'  - Contemporary and Stylish

A flatter more contemporary frame in 'off silver' with a circular brushed effect.
The sides of the frame are black, making it an ideal choice in for white or lighter coloured walls.
3.75cm wide, 1.75cm thick



'Seaframe' - Contemporary and Stylish

White-washed giving a slight driftwood effect. A deep frame with heavy natural grain,
for a less formal look - suits photographs with landscapes perfectly.
2.75cm wide, 2.8cm thick



'Just Natural' - Contemporary and Stylish

Oak wood veneer in a understated matt finish. Suits most styles of photography
and great for rooms with lots of handcrafted furnishings.
Concave curve face, 3.5cm wide, 2.4cm thick.


'Deep Mahogany' - Contemporary and Stylish

Solid wood deep frame with a lovely maroon mahogany finish and narrow face
Elegant finish for most images with lots of warmth, and equally suitable with more classic decor.
2cm wide, 3.4 cm thick




'Matt Black' - Contemporary and Stylish

Smooth finish black lacquer with a narrow face and deep profile.
The most flexible frame available, will be at home in a classic decor
home as well as ultra modern and leaves your photosto speak for themselves.
Great for black and white photographs.
1.75cm wide, 3.4cm deep






There are a distinguished variety of frames, mounts and media to display your finest prints at Tony Kluge Photography. Only the best framers and fine art suppliers are used to ensure that your prints are shown off to their full effect.